OpenServer Release 5.0.7V
Version 3.0.0
Release Notes

August 2011

This document describes features and bug fixes added to OpenServer™ Release 5.0.7V (OSR507V) Version 3.0.0 since the initial OpenServer 5.0.7V Version 1.0.0 releases.

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OpenServer 5.0.7V Version 3.0.0 Features and Bug Fixes

OpenServer 5.0.7V Version 3.0.0 includes all fixes in Version 2.0.0 as well as new fixes.

Fixes Previously Provided in Version 2.0.0
New Fixes Provided in Version 3.0.0

Fixes Previously Provided in Version 2.0.0

OpenServer 5.0.7V Version 3.0.0 contains the following fixes and features that were also included in OpenServer 5.0.7V Version 2.0.0:

Commands and Utilities
Operating System
Other Fixes

    Commands and Utilities

  1. Enhance hw to display arbitrary model-specific registers (MSRs) --
    Hyper-V makes certain resources available as synthetic model-specific registers (MSRs). In order to facilitate support of Hyper-V, the msr report of the hw command has been enhanced to accept queries on individual MSRs, specified by an option argument of the form msr=number following the -r option. For example, the command reports on MSR number 16. The MSR number may be specified in decimal, hex (with a leading 0x) or octal (with a leading 0). (ID: 535611:3)

  2. Problems encountered when adding a new disk --
    Disk configuration problems were seen as a result of erroneous entries in the administrative file /etc/conf/cf.d/hdlist. The erroneous hdlist entries have been removed from the version 2 appliances. Installation of the upgrade supplement removes such entries when it is safe to do so. (ID: 535686:1)

  3. Custom may fail to upgrade components as expected --
    Fixed a bug in which custom sometimes failed to install a new version of a component even if the new version number was greater than the version already installed. The problem was that custom's version number comparison routines treated numeric parts with leading zeros as equal even if they were not. (ID: 535610:1)

  4. At log in time, warn users if license is about to expire --
    Display a reminder message when a user logs in if the system's OS license expiration date is fewer than fifteen days away. The reminder message is generated by the new script /etc/expirewarning, run from /etc/profile. (ID: 535566:2)

  5. Warn all logged-in users if license is about to expire --
    Display a reminder message daily to all users who are logged-in if the system's OS license expiration date is fewer than fifteen days away. The reminder message is generated by the new script /etc/expirewarning, run via cron. (ID: 535567:3)

  6. Custom verify errors reported on /etc/default/issue and /etc/dkinit --
    These have been fixed. (ID: 535672:1)

  7. Custom verify errors on disk driver files --
    Fixed custom verify problems reported on the disk driver /etc/conf/pack.d/dk/Driver.o and several related header files. (ID: 535702:1)

  8. Custom verify error on etc/conf/cf.d/mdevice --
    This has been fixed. (ID: 535702:5)

  9. Custom verify error on /usr/adm/install/contents --
    The pkgadd command maintains a database of installed pkgadd packages in /usr/adm/install/contents. The pkgadd command treats this path as a file, while the custom database listed this path as a symbolic link. As a result, custom verify reported this discrepancy as an error, and, if asked to fix it, would replace the file with a symbolic link, deleting the contents of the pkgadd database. The problem has been fixed by deleting the path /usr/adm/install/contents from the custom database. (ID: 535702:4)

  10. Custom verify errors on /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/ScoTerm --
    These have been fixed. (ID: 535702:3)

  11. Custom verify errors on /etc/default/inet and /etc/default/tcp --
    These have been fixed. (ID: 535703:1)

  12. Sysinfo hangs --
    Sysinfo hung when it invoked cdrecord with the scanbus option. The problem has been fixed by deleting the invocation of cdrecord from sysinfo. (ID: 535455:1)

  13. Custom verify errors and install stops seen after downloading sysinfo --
    Sysinfo was initially delivered in custom format. However, updates were delivered via a tar archive. This resulted in custom verify errors, since installing a new version of sysinfo modified files without updating information about them in the custom database. The problem has been fixed by always delivering sysinfo in the same format - a pkgadd package - regardless of whether it is delivered with the product or as a separately installable update. (ID: 535544:1)

  14. Port VMware balloon device driver --
    The VMware balloon driver, vmmemctl, is now included in OSR507V. The driver allows a VMware server to reclaim currently unused memory from virtual machines running on it. This gives the server the ability to distribute the available real memory among VMs dynamically, depending on their instantaneous memory requirements, thereby improving the overall performance on a system on which the total memory allocated to VMs is larger than the memory pool. This also allows for larger memory allocations to VMs without provoking swapping. For a more detailed description see the VMware documentation.

    Operational statistics for this driver are provided by the special file /dev/vmmemstat. To see the statistics, cat the file as follows:

    If the output shows a value of target larger than zero, then ballooning is in effect. (ID: 535507:3)

  15. Provide updated vmtools open source ports for Version 2.0.0 --
    OpenServer 5.0.7V Version 1.0.0 provided many of the open source community's June 2009 vmtools ports. See for details.

    Version 2.0.0 updates these ports to the community's March 2010 release. Changes include:

    (ID: 535629:1)

  16. Several vmware-toolbox-cmd "stat" commands fail --
    VMware vSphere hosts use External Data Representation (XDR) to exchange information with the stat function of vmware-toolbox-cmd. Stat sub-functions, such as balloon and swap, that exchange 64-bit integer values, failed because of the absence of 64-bit XDR support in the native runtime libraries. The problem was resolved by implementing the needed 64-bit XDR functions in the OpenServer 5.0.7V port of vmtools. (ID: 535748:1)

  17. Graphics

  18. Add option to disable scologin during first boot interview --
    Administrators are now provided with an option to disable the graphical login screen when configuring OpenServer 5.0.7V with guest_conf. (ID: 535452:1)

  19. Mouse sometimes gets "stuck" at screen boundary --
    Fixed bug in which the mouse would get stuck at the edge of the window when displaying the desktop in full-console mode under VMware. (ID: 535224:2)

  20. Kernel

  21. Panic following "G crllry_sec_init" output --
    Fixed a kernel panic that could occur during OS startup immediately following the display of the output

    The panic was caused by the kernel dereferencing a NULL pointer when processing a partially initialized entry in a table. (ID: 535397:1)

  22. init 0 doesn't power the system down --
    Previously, shutting down the operating system to init state 0, either via shutdown or init, left the OS in a state where it could be powered off, but did not actually power it off. Now, when running on VMware, shutting down to init state 0 causes the OS to power down completely. This fix does not apply to Hyper-V. (ID: 535596:1)

  23. Lock timeout panic in wait system call --
    Fixed a lock timeout panic in the wait system call caused by a process trying to acquire a lock that it already held. The panic was seen occasionally under heavy load. (ID: 535648:1)

  24. OS is sometimes restarted out of init state 0 --
    Some virtualization platforms were seen to restart the operating system out of init state 0. This problem has been resolved. (ID: 535667:1)

  25. Warning message that MAXEXECARGS is exceeded should name the executable --
    The kernel warning that the argument list size exceeds MAXEXECARGS is now accompanied by a message that gives the name of the executable that could not be run due to the argument size limit. (ID: 535687:1)

  26. Lock timeout panic during system start up --
    Fixed a lock timeout panic seen during OS startup by adjusting the timing requirements of kernel startup code to allow for running in a virtualized environment. (ID: 535522:1)

  27. Installation

  28. Custom's top-level products display overly cluttered --
    Packaged vmtools and its prerequisite components as a single custom product to reduce clutter in the output of the software manager custom. Previously, these components were each packaged as a separate custom product. (ID: 535339:1)

  29. Guest_conf should allow setting of locale --
    The initial configuration script guest_conf now provides the system administrator the option to select the system locale as was done for OpenServer 5.0.7 ISL. Choices are:
    Standard C
    American English
    British English
    French French
    German German
    If the pre-loaded French or German Language Support supplement has been removed from the system, the corresponding locale option is not available.

    The LANG variable is set in /etc/default/lang and the Calendar Server databases are rebuilt in the selected locale. (ID: 535374:2)

  30. Warning messages interfere with OpenServer 5.0.7V initial configuration --
    Turned off licensing-related warning messages during initial system configuration to keep them from interfering with configuration prompts. (ID: 535409:1)

  31. Add Symmetrical Multiprocessing to OpenServer 5.0.7V --
    OpenServer 5.0.7V Version 2.0.0 has introduced support for Symmetrical Multiprocessing (SMP) on VMware vSphere 4.x and VMware ESXi 4.x platforms. Two new scripts, /usr/sbin/enable_smp and /usr/sbin/disable_smp, allow an administrator to enable and disable SMP support. For instructions on how to configure SMP support, please consult the relevant Getting Started Guide.

    Note: Do not enable SMP on Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX(i) 3.5 or VMware Workstation. (ID: 535500:1)

  32. Custom verify error on backup copy of /etc/masterboot --
    Fixed a common custom verify error by updating the custom database, during installation of the upgrade supplement, to reflect the contents of a backup copy of the file /etc/masterboot. This particular custom verify error occurred because /etc/masterboot was sometimes updated by means other than custom and custom subsequently may have created a backup copy of the modified /etc/masterboot file when installing certain patches. (ID: 535528:1)

  33. Guest_conf does not set keyboard, console keyboard mapping, and video font permanently --
    Fixed a bug in the initial configuration script guest_conf so that keyboard and related settings are made permanent. (ID: 535695:2)

  34. Patchck doesn't work properly with custom packages that are loaded but not installed --
    Custom allows packages to be loaded on the system, but not actually installed. The patch management tool patchck has been enhanced to work properly with such packages. (ID: 535485:1)

  35. patchck now bundled with OpenServer 5.0.7V --
    The latest version of the patch management tool patchck is included in OpenServer 5.0.7V. Patchck was previously available only from the download page. (ID: 535424:1)

  36. guest_conf aborts network configuration if given invalid input --
    The initial configuration script guest_conf now detects and recovers from invalid input during network configuration. (ID: 535469:1)

  37. Keyboard selected during one run of guest_conf should become default on the next run --
    The keyboard selected during one run of guest_conf will now be the default that guest_conf offers the next time it runs. Previously, guest_conf always offered "US English" as the default keyboard selection. (ID: 535601:1)

  38. Operating System

  39. Allow multiple processors without a license --
    OpenServer 5.0.7V no longer requires any processor licenses in order to run with multiple processors. (ID: 534688:3)

  40. Don't shut down system for expired or unregistered license --
    Changed system behavior to restrict services, rather than shut down, on expiration of a duration license or failure to register a license in a timely manner. (ID: 535606:3)

  41. Display license expiration dates in international format --
    License expiration dates are now displayed in international YYYY-MM-DD format. (ID: 535401:1)

  42. Applying licenses in wrong order loses a year that's been paid for --
    Added check for prerequisite OSR507V license before allowing renewal license to be installed. (ID: 535484:1)

  43. System appears unlicensed for several hours after installation --
    Fixed a problem in the way license start times were computed that could cause a system to appear unlicensed for several hours after installation even if a valid license was entered. (ID: 535488:1)

  44. Some licensing-related messages should be displayed as SEVERE instead of WARNING --
    Licensing message severities changed as requested. (ID: 535585:1)

  45. SCOAdmin

  46. Allow reinstallation of OSR507V duration licenses --
    Allow a previously removed duration license to be reinstalled. After reinstallation, the license expiration date will be the earlier of (1) the original end date and (2) the reinstallation date plus the duration of the license. (ID: 535496:1)

  47. Other Fixes

  48. Update reglock string to include duration license expiration date --
    Duration license end date is now passed back to the UnXis registration server during registration, in order to enable the server to send e-mail reminders automatically when the license is about to expire. (ID: 535582:2)

New Fixes Provided in Version 3.0.0

OpenServer 5.0.7V Version 3.0.0 contains the following additional fixes and features not included in previous versions of OpenServer 5.0.7V:



  1. Lock timeout panic still occurs in OSR507V Version 2 --
    A lock timeout panic (ID 535648:1) described as fixed in the OSR507V Version 2 release notes was still present. The problem was traced to a packaging error in OSR507V Version 2 that has been corrected. (ID: 535770:1)

  2. Kernel panics under heavy SMP load with the message "too many queued interrupts" --
    The problem has been fixed. (ID: 535798:2)

  3. Installation

  4. /usr/adm/install/contents mostly missing after applying the 507v Upgrade --
    OSR507V Version 2 erroneously truncated the file /usr/adm/install/contents. This file, also visible through the path /var/adm/install/contents, lists the files in pkgadd-style packages on the system. The problem has been eliminated in OSR507V Version 3, but OSR507V Version 3 does not undo damage to the contents file that may have been caused by a prior application of OSR507V Version 2. (ID: 535819:1)

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