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GNU Utilities for OpenServerTM 6.0.0
version 6.0.0Da

The GNU Utilities Supplement represents the initial supported release of a selection of key open source utilities for OpenServer 6.0.0. With these key utilities, customers will be able to more easily port and develop opensource products and customer specific applications for OpenServer 6 using the native C and C++ Development System. It will also allow active participation in open source development projects and deployment of updated releases of those projects based on customer specific requirements.

Supported Platforms

This release of the GNU Utilities is supported only on OpenServer 6.0.0 with Maintenance Pack 4 (MP4) or later installed.

Attempts to install this release on earlier OpenServer 6 releases may result in a conflict of ownership of files between this component and other components on your system.

What is in this GNU Utilities Release

Please refer to the accompanying GNU Utilities Release Notes for a complete list of contents.

Download Instructions

The GNU Utilities are distributed as a tar file containing a custom installable Media Image File (VOL files).

  1. Download the GNU Utilities 6.0.0.Da Media Image tar file located at this web site.
  2. Download and either print or save a copy of the GNU Utilities Release Notes also available at this web-site.

Installation Instructions

Follow the installation instructions outlined in the GNU Utilities Release Notes to install the GNU Utilities supplement.